Level Up Your Avatar, Level Up Your Life


FocusByte was designed to make being productive seem addictive and fun.


Set a timer for 5 to 120 minutes for focus work. You can also start a seperate break timer after your done with a session.


Tag your sessions with different colors and names and track your progress.


After time is up you are rewarded with experience and coins. Experience is usesd to level up your character and coins are used to buy mystery boxes.



Random motivational quotes to keep you on track and focused


Try to leave the app when the timer is on and you will recieve a notification within seconds telling you the treasure will be lost!

Simple UI

A simple UI to keep you from being distracted, make it easy to use and most importantly keep you focused.


Mini Me

As you are creating news skills and getting smarter in real life, your avatar will be growing alongside you! From Toddler to Wise Elder, take witness to your character's evolution!


Unlock pets using the diamond mystery box. Over 50 pets to choose from.

Track Experience

Track your experience as you are studying and watch your avatar level up and grow up.


Customize the look of your avatar from shirts, pants, shoes, hats, hair color, and much more!


Unlock different characters, and sections of the app as you level up. Your character base is dependent on the gender you choose when you first register.

Visuzlize Your Time

See how much time you have spent studying displayed on a custom bar graph broken up into different time frames.

Time Distribution

See the distribution of the time you spent studying and working to get a bird's eye view of how your spending your time

Date Tracking

See how much you've studied over the course of a day, a week, month, or year. Track your growth and be inspired and proud.

Export your Data

Export or share your data anywhere at anytime. "If it's not measured, it can't be improved."


The Store

Buy from three different mystery boxes: common, gold, or diamond. Upgrade chests to increase experience or coin output and buy clothes and accessories for your avatar.

Collect Them All!

With over a 200+ different Items ranging from foods to electronics to pets, try to collect them all! Some are more rare than others and some are almost impossible to get.


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